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Living up to the expectation of customers in Bradshaw Chapel is what we do very well. With the pertinent skill set of knowledge and experience in simple overlays over already existing surfaces and the undertaking of a full site excavation, these crew of experts will get the job done.

We understand too well the power of sticking out and the impact it brings about. We acknowledge that a properly maintained patio floor, an amazing driveway, well-manicured lawn or simple yard are all so satisfying to the eyes. Having actually been in the game for a long period of time, we have understood and perfected the art of bringing out only the best to your project.

To achieve this:
We utilise purely all-natural stones carefully picked from the most reputable quarries from within the United Kingdom and also across Europe. We opt for such stones because we value originality and also due to their nature to withstand any kind of conditions, harsh or subtle, unwaveringly.

We exclusively apply resin that integrates the most recent polymer technology which ensures solid and long-term bonds. This is just how we make sure you have a lasting and enviable surface that is going to serve you better than all the other available options.

The majority of homeowners we serve confess to desiring resin bound surfacing since they felt trapped in worn out driveways without allure. You do not need to endure an ugly, damaged, uneven driveway when there’s a better durable solution.

Our Accreditations
The Resin Flooring Association
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Truly relished the result, specifically the finish quality. It gave my residence a makeover. I also enjoyed working with the crew as they were friendly and also completed the work on time. I 'd strongly recommend them anytime.

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We recently had our drive done and we are definitely delighted with it. The whole group are expert, difficult working and considerate ... you truly will not get a much better group to do your drive ... trust me!

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We are definitely delighted with our new driveway and would rate this company really highly! Our choice of colour is wonderful and complements so well the outside of our house!


Superior Resin Bound Gravel

All the materials we utilise in our projects have actually passed a series of assessment examinations on all mixtures and have also undergone anti-slip proof tests.

This ensures that the resin is of top quality and can work well in both domestic and industrial installations.

All our materials go through all these examinations to make sure that the resin is not just flexible but also easy to deal with while at the same time retaining the visual qualities as well as slip-resistance.

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Our Resin Driveway Process In Bradshaw Chapel

Our decades of experience combined with feedback from our customers is exactly how we manage to innovate impressive resin-bound driveway layouts throughout the year
We only utilise stones that are 100% all-natural and outsourced from the best stone quarries within the UK and Europe.

This sort of stone is of the best, resilient and durable.

We utilise resin that uses the latest polymer technology to achieve more powerful and unbreakable bonds.

The end result is a risk-free surface that is durable and resistant to the elements. As a property owner, this will serve you over a long period of time. This cannot really be said for alternative choices.

The result is typically a resilient and effective surface that will provide a long life span for the property owner compared to other options.

Customer Approval

Our work is constantly accomplished with our Bradshaw Chapel customers in mind. Because of this, we customise our resin bound surface to your specification ensuring that you are satisfied by the end final result. Naturally, you may not have the understanding of resin and its application.

However, that is why our crew of design and installation professionals is available to you to help advise you on the treatments and coatings that will offer you the intended final product. After all, we do want to add value and the wow factor to your most revered investment: your property.

Best Local Resin Driveway Installers

As the Greater Manchester leading resin driveway company, our expertise spans many years with a specialisation, not just in residential but also industrial resin bound uses.

Whether it is your driveway, paths, patios, ecological projects, or green rooftops that need attending to or you want to install non-slip surfaces in residential care homes or perhaps a flooring solution for the kids play area, we provide dependable and specialist solutions for all of the above.

We welcome you to see further what we have achieved for our customers, both residential and commercial and you can also sample some of the types of resin product lines we offer.

Bradshaw Chapel Epoxy Driveways Experts

We never compromise on quality and it is for this reason that our surfaces satisfy SUDS requirements. By this, we imply that our surfaces are the best when it comes to proper drainage of unwanted water. The surfaces do the draining very efficiently and effortlessly.

To avoid flooding on surfaces, our materials are permeable and this also sees to it that the surfaces do not preserve water. This also ensures that there is absolutely no accumulation of water pools or ice puddles during the winter.

To accomplish what you want and dream of, we are available and happy to walk the journey with you. Call us anytime for more details and also for enquiries as well as consultations without commitment quote.

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Resin Bound Driveways Bradshaw Chapel - Specialist Bonded Stone Coatings

Spice Up Your Driveway While Raising The Value Of Your Home

Nothing effortlessly boosts your home’s appearance as a resin bound driveway would.

It is the best solution you can rely on for wonderful results. In fact, you get more value for your cash since the driveway requires low maintenance and is easy on the eyes.

Compared to standard driveways, resin aggregate driveways are a classy and environment-friendly alternative.

We use all-natural rocks and safe parts in our projects so you can rest easy knowing your all new driveway isn’t damaging your ecosystem.

Sick of pools? Our product leave no space for pools by efficiently draining all the water from the finished surface.

So why are our driveways the best? To begin with, it’s because they can be found in a large range of shades to match your various preferences.

This is why all our customers find something unique in them. Therefore, whether you want something to brighten the surroundings or a sublime but exciting layout, we have you covered.

So, What is Resin Bound Paving?

All of us would certainly love it if our driveways or patios looked stylish in look and style. To get that dream look you have been longing for, just go the resin-paving way.

For that smooth-textured stone finish on driveways, swimming pool boundaries, public walkways, entrances to industrial buildings, pathways in recreation areas, walkways, you name it, resin-bound surfaces will definitely come through.

Resin-bound surfaces give that strong, slip-resistant as well as permeable effect to your driveways. If mounted correctly, the surface will definitely need very little to no maintenance. Plus, they are very resilient.

With a resin driveway, you can kiss pools goodbye as their permeable nature deals with this. Additionally, you are assured that you will definitely not need to handle ugly cracks.

Resins can be found in various shades to match your preference. Our colours do not fade at all and are long lasting. The resins are tried and tested to hold up against harsh weather conditions without withering away. This makes them the most perfect solution for all of your outdoor use.

car parking with resin driveway in North West

Benefits of Resin Pathways, Resin Paving, Resin Patios

Aside from the fact that resin bound paving is a fairly cost-effective paving method that is adaptable and resistant to splitting, various other reasons make it the ideal paving strategy in North West They include:

Offers a Natural Stone look

Very durable and low maintenance

Smooth, seamless and slip resistant

Wide variety of natural stone colours to suit the setting

Possible to lay this at varying thickness and take out substrate irregularities

A porous surface permitting water to drain through

In their effort to alleviate flooding, the Environment Agency has constantly recommended that residents and businesses use resin, especially for large areas.

resin paving stairs Bradshaw Chapel

Why Choose Our Company?

When thinking about resin driveways, there are quite a lot of aspects to think about: toughness, price, styles of driveway, and simplicity of application among others. Having all these in your mind, a Resin Driveway is the perfect candidate to sort out your driveway construction needs. They are elegant. amazingly colourful, warm and impressive.

Driveways and patios are some of the most critical elements of any property. They add flair, serenity and personality to the building making things lively and interesting. We believe that beautiful driveways not only add to the beauty of the structure but also provide a warm welcome to visitors, ensuring a memorable place to go to.

Some Other Good Reasons To Select A Resin Driveway:

I bet the question in your mind at the moment is “what are resin driveways and precisely why is it so phenomenal to make it an ideal candidate for my property?” Well, let’s jump to the juicy part and look at what resin driveways are and the mystic-like features it holds. No technical stuff, I promise!

Resin driveways are a mix of gravel bound in a clear UV stable resin. The resin mix offers a smooth surface for your private drive. It is permeable and thus let’s water sip through to prevent flooding but also sturdy enough to withstand cracking. Lots of people are going for this option now. To get the most out of your resin driveways; you need to have a qualified professional to instruct you on the style, type and prices of the driveway that is highly suitable for your front of house.

Resin driveways have several remarkable qualities that very few other driveways can boast about. If you are looking for a company capable of installing resin driveways, we can help.

Resin Driveway Colours Add Elegance

Are you fed up with your tarmac driveway and searching for an extra inspiring choice? Resin driveways are a perfect solution, complete with vivid, energetic colours to match your various tastes. You have the option of working with multiple colours to accomplish whatever look you prefer in the long run.
To add to that, our resin material is tried and tested to validate its longevity. Additionally, it does not disappear in spite of exposure to harsh weather conditions.

The cherry on the cake is that resin driveways provide you a stain-resistant finish, which implies whatever mess gets on the finish can be conveniently cleaned up.

driveway colour combination possibilities
resin surfaced patio area in Bradshaw Chapel

Resin Driveway Cost - Easy Installs!

The handiwork that goes into any kind of construction often tends to be most people’s worst nightmare. But that is not the case with resin driveways. They are very easy to install given their easy laying process.

In case there’s no favourable existing base, excavation of ground happens and is substituted with the suitable material. This may vary from tarmac and asphalt to concrete. After this, the resin texture is thoroughly poured on top and cautiously smeared taking into consideration the final wanted layout.

If there’s an existing base that is in good conditon, then the application is much easier.

Resin Driveways Near Me

Resin driveways are economical and also need very little maintenance. They can be conveniently cleaned up by sprinkling water and sweeping with a tough broom, unlike its competitors. What a simple way to take care of your driveway and keep away weeds!

Resin-bound surfacing prices vary depending on the general size and site location. The more materials you need, especially when reinstalling resin-bound raises, raises the total costs to be incurred.
However pricey resin bound driveways are, they are extra durable, resilient and lasting than all other flooring alternatives including tarmac.

Resin-bound paving also requires very little maintenance therefore it is the most economical alternative for your driveway.

If you have not made a decision whether or not to have a resin bound driveway, we will be glad to show you our already completed projects in Greater Manchester Hopefully, this will help you visualise what your property might be missing.

If satisfied, we will create work that matches not just the high quality you want but also your various other expectations. No matter the design or type of resin bound surface you want, expect our team to design a resin bounded finish that will complement your home.